Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gimme Shelter.

Under the cool rain the vegetation glows bright green against the white sky. It's falling fast enough to soak anyone or anything out in the open. Below palm fronds and banana leaves its aim is more sporatic. Patches of soil and bark remain dry in the rainshadow.

It is the perfect day to watch--with warm coffee in hand and leaky roof overhead--the hummingbirds visit sheltered blossums, squirrels gorge on ripening bananas, and leaf cutter ants march under their tiny green umbellas.

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  1. Hi Brett,
    Are you still in Cambodia? First report I've read in weeks and we breezed through 3-400 slides - beautiful and thanks. Some photos looked familiar re. India and Sri Lanka. How are you getting along with the languages? Where do you stay overnight? What do people do for a living other than fish and planting rice? How's the drought? Is that normal? Where next and when?

    I'm just up the hill from your favorite creek. Here's a link www.bigtimbercreek.org for anybody who would like to visit. 87°F (30°C) right now but 95°F (35°C) tomorrow.

    Happy 4th, Chris & Deedy